Spire Hardstyle & Rawstyle Presets Vol 1

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128 presets for Reveal Sound SPIRE, designed for producers that value high quality.
A complete bank of sounds for producing Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Uptempo and other harder styled genre’s.
Leads, Screeches, Kicks, Plucks, Sequences and much more.
Audio examples and more info below.

Spire VST / AU 1.5.8 is minimum required and not included in this purchase.

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Are you done with using the established sounds on Serum or Sylenth1?
Dive into the sound of Spire with the Lussive Audio preset pack.

Let the sounds inSPIRE you

All presets are ready to be used in harder styles productions. Classic hardstyle, euphoric, raw, melodic, melancholic, early raw.
No soundbank filler presets!
All sounds have been designed to upgrade your productions to the next level!
The soundbank also includes various kicks, an attack layer preset and laser kick designer. (examples below)
Perfect to start your own kick design with or use it as designed.


  • 15 Basses
  • 1 Attack Designer
  • 5 Kicks
  • 1 Laser Kick Designer
  • 5 Keys
  • 30 Leads
  • 5 Top Leads
  • 10 Pads
  • 15 Plucks
  • 5 Mid synths
  • 25 Screeches
  • 10 Sequences / starters
  • Preset X

Reeze basses, bass pads, sub basses, chord basses, melodic baselines, square leads, supersaw leads, chord leads, classic hardstyle leads, top leads, chord plucks, lead plucks, keys, atmospheric pads, warm pads, dreamy pads, motion pads and many types of screeches.

All presets are equalized fitting to the sound design with focus on clarity making them usable more instant in your mix.
All presets have been volume optimized.
Most presets have predefined mod wheel modulation and many sounds have Mod 1 to Mod 4 predefined automation to shape the sound in a fitting way.

Audio examples

No additional processing is applied to the audio examples. Direct recorded from Spire


Designed to suit your workflow

The download includes both a WET and DRY bank.
Using your own REVERB and DELAY effects on leads & screeches while scanning sounds?
Load the DRY soundbank.
We think of how you want it as a producer!

Laser Kick Attack Designer

Use Mod 1 and Mod 2 to shape the Laser movement
Use Mod 3 to control the length
Use Mod 4 to add crunch to the attack


A unique patch with 4 mod controls to shift the sound from a pulse lead, to a lead support bass synth and a roaring screech.
Analyse the patch to learn about how to use key tracking on a filter to create a playable tone.

System requirements

All presets are designed with Spire v1.5.8.
Recommended is minimum this version of Reveal Sound Spire VST / AU.
Spire works in any DAW that supports AU or VST plugins. Not included in this purchase.

1 review for Spire Hardstyle & Rawstyle Presets Vol 1

  1. Edwin (verified owner)

    Very nice sounding presets and suitable in different styles of music.

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