Rise & Fall Lab v1.5

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The Ultimate Rise & Fall Lab instrument for Kontakt VST Full Edition.
Developed and coded by A-lusion, for Music Producers around the globe.

Looking to create your own upriser and downlifter sounds and not use the same samples over and over again?
The Rise & Fall lab is focused on simplifying the process so you can focus on the more creative movement and perfectly aligning the sound to your track.

Updated to v1.5 with Drag & Drop Sample import support Read more

This Instrument requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 (version 1.0) or 6.3.2 (version 1.5) or newer to work in full.
The free Kontakt Player will enforce a 15-minute DEMO time-out in each session as this Instrument is not officially licensed through Native Instruments. The Rise & Fall Lab instrument doesn’t have trial period or demo version. If you want to hear some of the sounds and quality, you can check the product demonstration video below. Read the documentation to learn more about the included features.

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Looking for the ultimate Music Production Tool VST for creating upriser and downlifter sounds based on Kontakt?
The Lussive Audio Rise & Fall lab concept makes it easy and fast. Improve your workflow so you can focus on being creative in designing perfectly track matched risers and downlifters.
Noise sweeps, synth risers, subsweeps and creative breakdown sounds. Crafted in your desired pitch, length and tempo so suitable for any electronic dance music genre like trance, house, techno, and hardstyle.
In the many producer masterclasses provided by A-lusion in the past years, he shared his recipe for creating creative upriser and downlifter sounds.
This knowledge is now embedded in the new Rise & Fall Lab, which comes in a Noise Mode and Synth Mode

Watch the video’s below for inspiration.
Check out the detailed information below to know more about the Rise & Fall Lab concept and possibilities.

Updated to version 1.5
The update to version 1.5 is now available. We advise you to use version 1.5 next to the previous versions so don’t overwrite the files. See below for the change log.
Version 1.5 requires Kontakt v6.3.2 to run. If you have a version of Kontakt between 5.6 and 6.3.2 you can use the 1.0 version which is also still included in the order download. Only the Synth Mode edition is updated with drag & drop support, as replacing noise with.. noise isn’t logical.
Login to your account and download the file of your purchase again.

Version 1.5 update (28th October 2023)

What’s new and changed in v1.5?

IMPORTANT: this update requires Kontakt 6.3.2 to run.
Please upgrade your Kontakt instance to benefit from the drag & drop sample import or keep on using the Kontakt 5.6 version. (Version 1.0)
Version 1.0 is still included in every purchase.

– Added Drag & Drop Sample support for the Synth Mode including loop mode control (5 custom layers Part A, 5 custom layers Part B)
– HP cutoff en HP res added to predefined host automation control
– Only in Synth mode, Noise mode is still version 1.0

v1.5 update: Drag & Drop manual

Rise & Fall Lab demonstration video by A-lusion

Rise & Fall Lab introduction video

The software coding has taken many months. We hope you respect the effort put into this and not share your purchase on warez sites or colleague producers.

Rise & Fall Lab

System Requirements
This Kontakt Instrument requires the paid Native Instruments Kontakt Full Edition 5.6 or newer. If you want to use the Drag & Drop sample import feature, you need Kontakt 6.3.2 or newer.  Works in any DAW and OS that supports Native Instruments Kontakt.

What’s included?
The Rise & Fall lab in Noise and Synth Mode in two separate .nki Kontakt Sampler files.
A total of 40 wavetable layer sounds are included and 10 custom replaceable layers.
Including various noise types such as White Noise, Brown Noise, Blue Noise and sounds like Sawtooth’s, Hypersaws, Space Noises, et cetera.
All samples are also included as .WAV files which also makes this product a wavetable sample pack.

Feature Highlights

2 different instrument modes

The default Noise Mode can be used for making noise up- and downlifters.
The Synth Mode can be used for creating up- and downlifters based on pitch movement of oscillator sounds.
In Noise Mode the main control is a bandpass filter control. In Synth Mode the main controls are focussed on the pitching of the sound.
Set the instrument to Rise or Fall mode with a single click and use designated parameters to easily edit the movement.

Part A and Part B sounds layers

Sounds can be loaded from two sound layers.
Part A and Part B which can be used solo or together for a rich stereo effect and unique movement.

Movement Part Selector

Control certain parameters just for Part A or Part B or by default in Sync.
Check out the documentation to learn more about this feature and the controls it works with.

Stutter & Panner Mode

Stutter the sound with a volume chopper effect or use the panner equivalent to get an advanced stereo movement

Whistle & Vacuum Filters

Two special filter types are included to give the sound a unique character. Can be used together with the distortion modes to get resonating sound textures.

Full Feature List

  • Sound layer selection with:
    • Volume control
    • Panning control
    • Pitch control (in Synth Mode)
  • Movement Part Selection A / B / Sync
  • Vacuum Filter Effect
  • Whistle Filter Effect
  • Rise & Fall Mode with
    • Master filter control (Noise Mode)
    • Curve control
    • Resonance control (Noise Mode)
    • Speed control (Synth Mode)
  • Pitch Amount control (Synth Mode)
  • LFO Pitch (Synth Mode)
  • Pitch Envelope (Synth Mode)
  • Stutter Mode
  • Panner Mode
  • LFO Filter & LFO Resonance
  • Delay
  • Cutoff Filter
  • AMP envelope
  • Saturation / Lo-fi Bitcrusher, Transient Spike, Stereo Width, Reverb (3 types), Reverb Pre-delay
  • Phaser
  • High Pass Filter
  • Destroy Distortion incl. amount control
  • Distortion incl. amount control
  • Reset Label display feature

Download Manual

Noise mode


Synth mode



Is it a VST plugin with installer?
No, it is a Kontakt Instrument for which you need NI Kontakt version 5.6 or newer. If you want to use the drag & drop sample import feature you need Kontakt version 6.3.2 or newer.

Does this work in FL Studio or other DAW?
It works in FL studio as it runs inside Native Instrument Kontakt. Kontakt works in any DAW that supports VST / AU (Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Ableton Live, Studio One, et cetera).

Can I use the free Kontakt Player mode?
You actually can but a 15-minute demo timeout is enforced by Native Instruments in every session you use it. To fully use the instrument you need the full paid version of Kontakt.
In case you have Native Instruments Komplete, make sure you don’t have the starter edition as this doesn’t include Kontakt.

Will future updates of the instrument be included?
Yes possible future updates can be downloaded from your login account

Are both the Noise Mode & Synth Mode included in this purchase?
Yes both versions are included as separate instrument files.


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    Very easy and handy to use! When you want your track to get more interesting!

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