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Want to have your DEMO or RELEASE sound like a professional?
Get it mixed (and mastered) in the Lussive Studio by A-lusion.
Including 2 revisions.

Send your track exports (stems) without any plugins on the master bus at a level and without clipping.
For best results it’s good to provide the SEND effects separately if possible.
So: reverb, delay, etc.
If you used any Groups make sure to clearly indicate which stems were routed to which group and include the groups as well.

Send the link (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Drive, etc) and a link to a reference track in the comment of the order.
And you’ll get it back mixed (and optionally mastered) with the desired sound within a few days.

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4 reviews for Mixing

  1. Mattias

    Recieved great help from Onne with my track, I would highly recommend both mixing & mastering. He really made my track shine!

  2. Esther

    First time for me that I finalized a hardstyle track and contacted Lussive media for mixing and mastering. Onne did a great job doing this and gave me advises for next time how to improve sounds. Really appreciate this.. therefore I recommend Lussive media (especially the new dj producers) for mixing and mastering your work! 🎧

  3. Breakyzer

    Lussive Audio has already taken care of several of our tracks. In the work of Lussive Audio, the customer’s wishes are central. They work professionally. In addition, they take the time to deliver the work satisfactorily, even if adjustments have to be made in the meantime. Our upcoming song will be mixed and mastered again by Lussive Audio.

  4. Alexander (verified owner)

    That was a good decision to finalize my HS track here. My instincts were correct when I chose Lussive Media for mixing and mastering my track. 🙂 I appreciate every advise Onne gave me on every step of his work and I totally will ask him to finalize my next tracks again.
    Thank you!

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