Kick & Bass Machine by A-lusion v1.5

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The Ultimate Kick and Bass Machine for Kontakt VST Full Edition.
Developed and coded by A-lusion, for Harder Styles Producers around the globe.

In the many producer masterclasses provided by A-lusion in the past years, he shared his recipe for developing Kick & Bass combinations.
This knowledge and many of his developed sound layers are now used in creating the new Kick & Bass Machine.
You can also load your own samples and use the instrument to speed up your workflow and feed your creativity.

Updated to v1.5 with Drag & Drop Sample import support Read more

This Instrument requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 (version 1.0) or 6.3.2 (version 1.5) or newer to work.
The free Kontakt Player will enforce a 15-minute DEMO time-out in each session as this Instrument is not officially licensed through Native Instruments. The Kick & Bass Machine instrument doesn’t have trial period or demo version. If you want to hear some of the sounds and quality, you can check the product demonstration video below. Read the documentation to learn more about the included features.

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The instrument is a rich-feature library based on pre-defined samples and wavetables.
All layers have been created, processed and/ or shaped by A-lusion over the past many years.

The software coding has taken many months. We hope you respect the effort put into this and not share your purchase on warez sites and with colleague producers.

Looking for the ultimate Hardstyle / Harderstyles Kick and Bass Machine VST based on Kontakt?
Watch the video’s below.

A total of 20 kicks, 25 basslines, 25 wavetable bass layers, 7 sub/ gated basses and 12 attack sounds are included and 30 custom replaceable layers.
All samples are also included as .WAV files which also makes this product a sample pack.

Updated to version 1.5
The update to version 1.5 is now available. We advise you to use version 1.5 next to the previous versions so don’t overwrite the files. See below for the change log.
Important: Version 1.5 requires Kontakt v6.3.2 to run. If you have a version of Kontakt between 5.6 and 6.3.2 you can use the 1.0 version which is also still included in the order download.
Login to your account and download the file of your purchase again.  Version 1.0 is still included in every purchase.

Drag & Drop announcement


Kick & Bass Machine demonstration video by A-lusion

Feature Highlights

6 different sounds layers

Kicks, Basslines (Reverse and regular Basses), 2 Extra Bassline Wavetable layers, Sub layer and Attack layer.

Bassline Shaper

The bassline shaper lets you shape the basslines with distortion, more distortion and even more distortion.
Don’t forget to use the Shaper knobs.

Style Selector

Automatically set the right sample starts and rhythm stretching to some predefined BPM’s.

Scrub Mode

Scrub through the wavetable layers to change the timbre of the basslines

Shuffle & Sphere Mode

Feeling lucky? Hit the dice and a random Kick & Bass combination will be configured.

Version 1.5 update (28th October 2023)

What’s new and changed in v1.5?

IMPORTANT: this update requires Kontakt 6.3.2 to run.
Please upgrade your Kontakt instance to benefit from the drag & drop sample import or keep on using the Kontakt 5.6 version. (Version 1.0)
Version 1.0 is still included in every purchase.

– Added Drag & Drop Sample support for all custom layers (10 Kicks, 5 Basslines, 10 Bass wavetables, 5 Attacks)
– Root key notes can be set for relevant custom layers, either manually or via auto-detect.

v1.5 update: Drag & Drop manual

Download Manual



Does this work in FL Studio or other DAW?
It works in FL studio as it runs inside Native Instrument Kontakt. Kontakt works in any DAW that supports VST / AU (Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Ableton Live, Studio One, et cetera).

Can I use the free Kontakt Player mode?
You actually can but a 15-minute demo timeout is enforced by Native Instruments in every session you use it. To fully use the instrument you need the full version.

Will future updates of the instrument be included?
Yes possible future updates can be downloaded from your login account

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  1. electronicfreak2010

    With the Kick and a bass made in a few minutes! Makes it more fun to make a track! It is also great for Reverse Bass and easy and perfect for beginners!

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