Hardstyle Vocals Vol. 1: Cinematic

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Hardstyle Vocals Vol 1 by Lussive Audio is a top notch sample pack with cinematic male vocals for Hardstyle, Rawstyle and other uptempo genres. It features spoken words, oneliners and full phrase story-telling.

Contains: ± 500 files / ± 500 MB

  • 50+ genre related words in multiple reads
  • 6 full story scripts, 2 versions per read, perfect for cinematic breakdowns
  • Combine words with included articles like “And”, “In”, “The”
  • Original takes, 5 processed styles like Robotized, Deep and Reverbed
  • 15 Pre-verb files in all essential voice letters sounds like A, B, O, K, et cetera
  • In total the pack has over 250 recorded words in 500 files
  • Bonus material: including tips & tricks document on how to do the processed styles with screenshots (14 pages)

Optionally (+ € 9,95) including the “Hardstyle Vocal Editor Instrument” for Kontakt Sampler.
The Vocal Editor is not a VST instrument in itself. You need the full paid version of Kontakt to load this instrument.

Read more about the instrument here.


The voice of among others  “Second Identity – God of The Underworld, A-lusion – Call & Answer and A-lusion – Back to The Future”, has teamed up with Lussive Audio to bring you Hardstyle Vocals Vol.1: Cinematic

Ready to use vocal pack for styles like: Hardstyle, Rawstyle and Hardcore


The pack includes:

  • 50+ genre related words in multiple reads like: “Adrenaline, Dominate, Hardstyle, Louder, Madness, Power, Rock It, Thunderstorm, Warrior and more”
  • Combine words with included articles like “And”, “In”, “The”
  • 6 full story scripts, 2 versions per read, perfect for cinematic breakdowns, script themes: “Creatures of The Night, Gates of Rituals, Haunted House, To Another World, Valley of Darkness, Waters of Sin”
  • 15 Pre-verb files (in all essential voice letter sounds like A, B, O, K, et cetera)
  • Written tips & tricks tutorial document for processing the vocals. (14 pages)

Do you want to know the full script lyrics and word list before your purchase? Contact us and we’ll reply to you with the list.

Multiple takes and variations

Each word and sentence is recorded multiple times and processed into 5 different variations.
Original recorded versions are also included.

HQ Ready to use

Vocals have been carefully recorded, selected and processed to make them ready to use.
All vocals can be used 100% royalty free without attribution needed. So these can be your secret gems.

Flexible to use

Combine any of the 50+ recorded words with article words such as “the”, “in”, “and”.
Swap phrases and be creative to suit your track.

Audio examples

Important: music and sound effects playing are not included in the pack

Pack introduction with main voice style:

Example of a story in “Reverb voice processed” style:

Example of individual words in deep voice style and robotized processed style:

Optionally including the Hardstyle Vocal Editor for Kontakt

Do you own the Full Version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 or newer (6+)?

Check out the Hardstyle Vocal Editor for Kontakt which has the vocals preloaded if you buy them in a bundle.
Click the instrument image for more information and a walk through demo video presented by A-lusion.

Custom voice recording

Do you need a custom voice recording by this vocalist?

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  1. Drew

    This is an AWESOME creativity tool!! And also fun to use. Fantastic voices!

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