Hardstyle Vocal Editor v1.5

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The Ultimate Hardstyle Vocal Editor for Kontakt VST Full Edition.

Key features:

  • Load vocals in 3 voice layers
  • Pitch shifting and formant shifting per layer
  • Volume / Panning / Filter controls per layer
  • Time stretching
  • Effects: Robotizers, Bitcrushing, Distortion and Saturation
  • Movement controls: Panner and Stutter effects
  • Automation of controls

This instrument by default contains no audio samples. In version 1.5 you can easily import samples via Drag & Drop. In version 1.0 (also included in a purchase) you can replace the custom audio files. Get it with the Hardstyle Vocals Vol1 Cinematic vocals pack to have the vocals pre-loaded.

This instrument requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 (version 1.0) or 6.3.2 (version 1.5) or newer to work in full.
The free Kontakt Player will enforce a 15-minute DEMO time-out in each session as this Instrument is not officially licensed through Native Instruments. The Vocal Editor instrument doesn’t have trial period or demo version. If you want to hear some of the sounds and quality, you can check the product demonstration video below. Read the documentation to learn more about the included features.


Looking for the ultimate Music Production Instrument for editing cinematic vocal based on Kontakt?
The Lussive Audio Hardstyle Vocal Editor concept makes it easy and fun.
Improve your workflow so you can focus on being creative in editing vocals perfect for your track.

Important, the “Kontakt Instrument only” purchase does not include any samples. It’s just the editor in which you can load your own vocal audio.
If you want to have deep trailer voice styled vocals pre-loaded, go for the version with the Hardstyle Vocals Vol.1 included.

Watch the video below for inspiration.
Check out the detailed information below to know more about the Vocal Editor concept and possibilities.

Hardstyle Vocal Editor demonstration video by A-lusion

The software coding has taken many months. We hope you respect the effort put into this and not share your purchase on warez sites or colleague producers.

Vocal Editor

System Requirements
This Kontakt Instrument requires the paid Native Instruments Kontakt Full Edition 5.6 or newer, which is not included.
If you want to use the Drag & Drop sample import feature, available in editor version 1.5, you need Kontakt Full Edition 6.3.2 or newer.
Works in any DAW and OS that supports Native Instruments Kontakt.

What’s included?
The LUS Hardstyle Vocal Editor (Custom Audio).nki Kontakt Sampler file.
In “Instrument only” no vocal samples are included other than one placeholder sample file.
In “Hardstyle Vocals Vol.1 Pack mode” many male cinematic spoken vocals are pre-loaded. Another .nki Kontakt file is included in the pack version.

Updated to version 1.5
The update to version 1.5 is now available. We advise you to use version 1.5 next to the previous versions so don’t overwrite the files. See below for the change log. Version 1.5 requires Kontakt v6.3.2 to run. If you have a version of Kontakt between 5.6 and 6.3.2 you can use the 1.0 version which is also still included in the order download.
Login to your account and download the file of your purchase again.

– Added Drag & Drop Sample support to support 3 custom layers all expanding one octave
– Root key notes can be set for custom layers via manual slider. Sample imports default to F
– Added main voice grain length control in drag & drop custom instrument

Feature Highlights

3 voice layers

The instrument features 3 voice layers which can be used independent or in sync.
Main voice, Style 1 & Style 2. Each layer contains the same voice sample per key.
In case you load your own audio, make sure all layers consist of the same voice if you want to make use of multiple layers playing at the same time.
Each layer has Pitch, Panning and Volume controls.

Pitch shifting and formant shifting

The instrument uses the Kontakt Sampler engine to pitch shift and formant shift per voice layer.
Create deep, robotized or mangled voice styles.

Time stretching

Use the time stretch feature to make the vocal slower or faster.
Or automate it to go creative.



The instrument features 4 robotizer effects.
All of them have a unique configuration varying from adding chorus and delay to a doubler reverb style.
The bigger control on the left sets the amount of the robotizer effect and the smaller control on the right changes the style of the effect.

The instrument features the following master effects:

Drive – Distortion
The drive knob adds distortion to the sound.

Raw – Saturation
The raw knob can be used to add overall warmth and saturation to the sounds resulting in a more expressive sound.

Lo-Fi / bit-crusher
The bit-crusher knob can be used to add some gentle highs to the sound or create robotizing effects.


Stutter motion

The stutter motion is a volume stutter effect.
This allows for the sound to play gated on and off.
The stutter effect has controls to set the fade in of the stutter, mix the sound with the non-stuttered audio and set the speed of the effect.

Panner motion

The panner motion is a panning effect.
This allows for the sound to play left and right on and off.
The effect has controls to set the width of the panning, mix the sound with the non-panned audio and set the speed of the effect.

Download Manuals

Hardstyle Vocal Editor

v1.5 update: Drag & Drop manual


Does this work in FL Studio or other DAW?
It works in FL studio as it runs inside Native Instrument Kontakt. Kontakt works in any DAW that supports VST / AU (Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Ableton Live, Studio One, et cetera).

Can I use the free Kontakt Player mode?
You actually can but a 15-minute demo timeout is enforced by Native Instruments in every session you use it. To fully use the instrument you need the full paid version.
In case you have Native Instruments Komplete, make sure you don’t have the starter edition as this doesn’t include the full Kontakt.

Will future updates of the instrument be included?
Yes possible future updates can be downloaded from your login account

I replaced the audio files in the folder but the old sample still plays?
Please completely re-load the Kontakt instrument or purge cache / re-load all samples.


Custom voice recording

Do you need a custom voice recording by this vocalist?

2 reviews for Hardstyle Vocal Editor v1.5

  1. electronicfreak2010

    This is great! helps me achieve more in my voices now! Also the cinematic samples pack is very handy and fun to play with! Very cool for beginners! Thank you!

  2. Leonardo Ingrassia (verified owner)


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