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NEW: Drag & Drop Sample Import support available now

Exciting news, all of our Kontakt Instruments have been updated to support Drag & Drop Sample Import.
Previously you had to replace the custom included WAV files and reload the Kontakt Instruments.
No more!

The instruments have all been updated to version 1.5 and have a new “ADD SAMPLES” button.
This loads the backpanel of the instrument which allows you to easily drag a WAV / AIFF sample from the mediabay of your DAW, your MacOS Finder or your Windows Explorer on to the drop zone.

The updated versions require Kontakt 6.3.2 full edition or newer. The 1.0 versions are still available for those who have a version between 5.6 and 6.3.2.
In case you have used the earlier versions before, it is advised not to overwrite these as it might break your projects loading. Please use a new folder to store the 1.5 updates in and load them from there. The main feature upgrade in the 1.5 versions is the drag & drop sample import. If you plan on not using this you can keep using the old versions.

Login* to your account to download the updated version, which also still includes the Kontakt 5.6+ version without Drag & Drop sample import for those only having Kontakt 5.

* if you purchased your instruments without an account, so in the first months of 2020, please reach out for your download link with your emailaddress of purchase or ordernumber.
* All of your download counts have been reset

What’s new in v1.5

The main new feature is drag & drop sample import to load your own sounds.
In the 1.0 versions of the instruments, it was only possible to load own audio by exactly replacing the “custom” audio files.
At the time, it was the only possibility with Kontakt 5.
The instruments are now upgraded to support sample import via drag and drop in various layers per instrument type. In all instruments, the import process is the same. Some instruments have their own options and need-to-knows, as described in the included addendum manual.

Video announcement

Updated instruments

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Best of Hardstyle Virus Ti Decent sampler update

The update with Filter ENV controls (Attack, Decay, Sustain) is here.

The update also fixes loading L-MidLd 06 correctly and the default glide time of all sounds is corrected to 0.
Did you purchase Decent Sampler before FEB 4th 2023? Just login to your account and re-download the ZIP file to use version 1.1 from your initial order.
Decent Sampler 1.7.9 is a FREE sampler VST/AU and is required to load the updated library. Get the latest version at the Decent Sampler website.

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NEW: Hardstyle Spire vol.1

Dive into the sound of Spire with the Lussive Audio Hardstyle preset pack.

All presets are ready to be used in harder styles productions. Classic hardstyle, euphoric, raw, melodic, melancholic, early raw. No soundbank filler presets!
All sounds have been designed to upgrade your productions to the next level!
The soundbank also includes various kicks, an attack layer preset and laser kick designer. (examples below)
Perfect to start your own kick design with or use it as designed.

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Looking for the ultimate Music Production Instrument for editing cinematic vocal based on Kontakt?
The Lussive Audio Hardstyle Vocal Editor concept makes it easy and fun.
Improve your workflow so you can focus on being creative in editing vocals perfect for your track.

Important, the “Kontakt Instrument only” purchase does not include any samples. It’s just the editor in which you can load your own vocal audio.
If you want to have deep trailer voice styled vocals pre-loaded, go for the version with the Hardstyle Vocals Vol.1 included.

Watch the video below for inspiration.
Check out the detailed information below to know more about the Vocal Editor concept and possibilities.

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Update information

Native Instruments deprecated a convolution reverb factory file since one of the latest Kontakt versions, which was used in our instruments. We have now updated the instruments to include the file in the resources.
In case you experiences issues with loading “Big Hall 2.wav” in your Kontakt instrument, please log into your account and download the update. You can find the download link in your order purchase details.
Besides this we have fixes a missing host automation for the Big Knob in the Hardstyle Kick Configurator by A-lusion.
In case you don’t experience any issues with the “Big Hall 2.wav” and you don’t get any notice while loading the instrument, there is no need to get the update.

The updated products are:

In case you experience any other issues, please reach out to us so we can resolve it.

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Looking for the ultimate Music Production Tool VST for creating upriser and downlifter sounds based on Kontakt?
The Lussive Audio Rise & Fall lab concept makes it easy and fast. Improve your workflow so you can focus on being creative in designing perfectly track matched risers and downlifters.
Noise sweeps, synth risers, subsweeps and creative breakdown sounds. Crafted in your desired pitch, length and tempo so suitable for any electronic dance music genre like trance, house, techno, and hardstyle.
In the many producer masterclasses provided by A-lusion in the past years, he shared his recipe for creating creative upriser and downlifter sounds.
This knowledge is now embedded in the new Rise & Fall Lab, which comes in a Noise Mode and Synth Mode

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Screech Designer & Hardstyle Kick Configurator Featured in Zone Magazine

Zone Magazine published a review of the Lussive Audio Screech Designer and Hardstyle Kick Configurator music production tools. Zone Magazine is printed and online magazine for DJ’s & Producers.

Rated: 9/10

Thank you Nutty T for giving our music production tools a test ride.

So my final thought is that both products are such versatile and innovative instruments which have many possibilities and characteristics. These are 2 instruments I would definitely recommend

Nutty T / Zone Magazine

Read the article online (page 64)

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Lussive launches a Hardstyle producer contest

Lussive Media, Music and Audio present a unique music producer contest (competition).
Use one of Lussive Audio’s products in your new track, send it in and win a release on Lussive Music!

Lussive Music has been releasing Hardstyle music since 2012 including tracks from A-lusion, Luna, Scope DJ, Ncrypta, Da Daze, Betavoice, S-Dee and more.

Lussive Media has been educating many producers from around the world since 2010 in their individual music production classes. Besides this many dozens of tracks in all electronic genres have been mixed and mastered by Lussive Media.

Lussive Audio develops Kontakt Sampler Instruments and sample packs focussed on the harder styles since 2020.

Now the three brands combine their forces in launching the unique Music Producer Contest for the Harder Styles.

Are you a music producer producing Hardstyle music? Euphoric? Raw? Classic? Submit your new track and win one of the various Lussive prices, including a release on Lussive Music!

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Kick and Bass Machine by A-lusion: Out Now

The Ultimate Kick and Bass Machine for Kontakt VST Full Edition 5.6+.
Developed and coded by A-lusion, for Harder Styles Producers around the globe.

In the many producer masterclasses provided by A-lusion in the past years, he shared his recipe for developing Kick & Bass Combinations.
This knowledge and many of his developed sound layers are now used in creating the new Kick & Bass Machine.
You can also load your own samples by replacing the custom layer audio files and use the instrument to speed up your workflow and feed your creativity.

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Hardstyle Kick Configurator updated to v1.2

A new version of the Hardstyle Kick Configurator is now available.
Free update for existing users who purchased the instrument.

How to get it?
Login to your account, go to your order and re-download the ZIP file.
All download permissions have been reset.
Applies to both the Hardstyle Producer Complete orders as the single Configurator orders.
The contents of the ZIP have been updated.
Note; the download might still mention v1.1. But the contents have been updated.

In case you didn’t create an account and used guest checkout, please use the original download link in your order. If you don’t have that anymore or you have issues, send us a message by email or contact form.

What’s new and changed in v1.2?

– Changed knob units to correct display
– Changed knob values to actual values
– Added Sweep Layer with LFO volume, Intensity, Speed and HP Filter option
– Added Individual Pitch Control Per Layer
– Changed Tail Speed range to maximum
– Change max layer values to 6 DB in stead of 2.7 DB.
– Individual Layer volume improved for better instant configuration
– RawAttack layer renamed to Extra, as it now also holds punch sounds.
– Changed Resonance in the main LP Filter.
– Added default value for knobs. Ctrl (CMD) + Click will reset the knob to the default position
– Added Shuffle mode to randomly select layers
– Improved output sound (compressor settings and limiter settings)
– Added Mono / Stereo enhancer
– Added Layer Effects (Attack Reverb, Tail Distortion and EQ)
– Added 3 Tails, replaced tails 1 and 10 with new kicks
– Replaced 4 attacks (3, 5, 12, 18)
– Removed reverb from Raw Attack 8
– Added 2 punch sound layers
– Added 1 Raw Attack
– Pre-setup automatic Host Automation for automation controls
– Set user-friendly automation control names.