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Lussive launches a Hardstyle producer contest

Lussive Media, Music and Audio present a unique music producer contest (competition).
Use one of Lussive Audio’s products in your new track, send it in and win a release on Lussive Music!

Lussive Music has been releasing Hardstyle music since 2012 including tracks from A-lusion, Luna, Scope DJ, Ncrypta, Da Daze, Betavoice, S-Dee and more.

Lussive Media has been educating many producers from around the world since 2010 in their individual music production classes. Besides this many dozens of tracks in all electronic genres have been mixed and mastered by Lussive Media.

Lussive Audio develops Kontakt Sampler Instruments and sample packs focussed on the harder styles since 2020.

Now the three brands combine their forces in launching the unique Music Producer Contest for the Harder Styles.

Are you a music producer producing Hardstyle music? Euphoric? Raw? Classic? Submit your new track and win one of the various Lussive prices, including a release on Lussive Music!

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Kick and Bass Machine by A-lusion: Out Now

The Ultimate Kick and Bass Machine for Kontakt VST Full Edition 5.6+.
Developed and coded by A-lusion, for Harder Styles Producers around the globe.

In the many producer masterclasses provided by A-lusion in the past years, he shared his recipe for developing Kick & Bass Combinations.
This knowledge and many of his developed sound layers are now used in creating the new Kick & Bass Machine.
You can also load your own samples by replacing the custom layer audio files and use the instrument to speed up your workflow and feed your creativity.

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Hardstyle Kick Configurator updated to v1.2

A new version of the Hardstyle Kick Configurator is now available.
Free update for existing users who purchased the instrument.

How to get it?
Login to your account, go to your order and re-download the ZIP file.
All download permissions have been reset.
Applies to both the Hardstyle Producer Complete orders as the single Configurator orders.
The contents of the ZIP have been updated.
Note; the download might still mention v1.1. But the contents have been updated.

In case you didn’t create an account and used guest checkout, please use the original download link in your order. If you don’t have that anymore or you have issues, send us a message by email or contact form.

What’s new and changed in v1.2?

– Changed knob units to correct display
– Changed knob values to actual values
– Added Sweep Layer with LFO volume, Intensity, Speed and HP Filter option
– Added Individual Pitch Control Per Layer
– Changed Tail Speed range to maximum
– Change max layer values to 6 DB in stead of 2.7 DB.
– Individual Layer volume improved for better instant configuration
– RawAttack layer renamed to Extra, as it now also holds punch sounds.
– Changed Resonance in the main LP Filter.
– Added default value for knobs. Ctrl (CMD) + Click will reset the knob to the default position
– Added Shuffle mode to randomly select layers
– Improved output sound (compressor settings and limiter settings)
– Added Mono / Stereo enhancer
– Added Layer Effects (Attack Reverb, Tail Distortion and EQ)
– Added 3 Tails, replaced tails 1 and 10 with new kicks
– Replaced 4 attacks (3, 5, 12, 18)
– Removed reverb from Raw Attack 8
– Added 2 punch sound layers
– Added 1 Raw Attack
– Pre-setup automatic Host Automation for automation controls
– Set user-friendly automation control names.

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Hardcore Kick Configurator by Tha Playah: Out Now

Brand-new Hardcore Kick Configurator for Native Instruments Kontakt Full edition 5.6 and newer versions.
Developed and coded by Tha Playah and Lussive Audio, for Hardcore Producers around the globe.

Including 25 of the most sickest kicks and over 100 twisted layers to upset the established order.
Create kickdrum chaos, that will put a smile on that face!

You can also load your own samples by replacing the default or the custom kick layers and use the instrument to speed up your workflow.

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Virus Ti Hardstyle soundbank by A-lusion: Out Now

For over a decade, the Virus TI series have been one of the leading synthesizers when it comes to Hardstyle music.

A-lusion proudly presents 128 sounds in his Virus Ti soundbank.
So if you produce Hardstyle and own a Virus Ti, Ti2 or Snow, this is for you.

Leads, Screeches, Mid sounds, effects, basslines, et cetera.
20 patches are well known sounds used in past A-lusion tracks like Veritas, Between Worlds, 4 Elementz, etc. Full list below

The soundbank includes:

  • 16 Euphoric / Raw Hardstyle Leads
  • 10 Mid Leads
  • 6 Pulse Lead synths
  • 16 Screeches
  • 20 A-lusion track sounds
  • 6 Classic Hardstyle sounds
  • 3 Bells
  • 3 Buzz Leads
  • 9 Plucks
  • 4 Mid sounds
  • 3 Chord leads
  • 4 Bass sounds
  • 9 Hardstyle FX
  • 3 Strings
  • 3 ARPS
  • 1 SubLead
  • 2 Square Leads
  • 3 Noise Sweeps
  • 2 Risers
  • 2 Atmospheres
  • 3 Reverse Basses
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Hardstyle Kick Configurator updated to v1.1

We have been listening to some of your great feedback. The result is a v1.1 update which is available for free for those who purchased version 1.0

Did you create an account? You can just login and re-download the applicable product. (Both the Complete vol.1 and Kick Configurator links have been updated)
If you purchased via guest checkout and would like the updated instrument, please contact us via the form with your order ID and we’ll send your personal download link.

What’s new and changed in v1.1?

– Added Pitch Bend for Kick Tails
– Added volume control per sound layer group
– Added high pass filter
– Added RawModulate and Invert to modulate the Raw Attack

Added 2 Raw Attack Layers
– Added 5 Custom Tail Layers
– Added 2 Custom Raw Attack Layers
– Fixed tuning RawTune to UP & DOWN instead of DOWN only
– Fixed two coding warning issues
– Fixed Speed knob issue for some tail layers